Last 2 Walk von Three 6 Mafia


Last 2 Walk

Three 6 Mafia

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On Three 6 Mafia's first album since winning an Oscar for "Hard Out Here for a Pimp," DJ Paul and Juicy J mix their usual crunk anthems with a few R&B crossover cuts, including "Hood Star" with Lyfe Jennings and "That's Right" with Akon. Last 2 Walk isn't their best work; the beats just aren't as catchy as on their past albums. But it has more to offer than the idiotic ringtone rap "Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)" and the Good Charlotte (?!) duet "My Own Way." Knucklehead bangers like "Get Ya Rob" and "Trap Boom" better reflect the Mafia's role as pied pipers of Southern debauchery.
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